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RSD AE TC6/ TC6.1 Battery Hold Down System

RSD AE TC6/ TC6.1 Battery Hold Down System

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This battery hold down system was designed to equalize the flex on your TC6 Chassis. 

By using this innovative battery tab system, the battery is held down securely in place while at the same time not interfering with the chassis flex on the right side of the car. With any other battery holding system such as tape, velcro straps or full length battery braces, the battery becomes an integral part of the chassis' rigid structure. This creates a stiffer chassis on the battery side, making the chassis flex asymmetrically. 

The Battery tab system allows the battery to "float" on top of the chassis, allowing the chassis to flex freely side to side.  As a super cool added bonus, no longer will you need tape or cumbersome velcro to secure your batteries in place.

*PLEASE NOTE- WARNING: It is very important that your stock plastic battery cup screw holes are NOT STRIPPED. If they are not in good condition, this can cause the battery hold down system to fail in hard collisions and the battery to eject.

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