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RSD AE TC6.2 RSD7 Aluminum Chassis V2
RSD TC6.2 Aluminum Chassis

RSD AE TC6.2 RSD7 Aluminum Chassis V2

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This is the  V2 Chassis, now all made in the USA with USA Materials.  Slight revisions were done to the chassis in order to provide a wider tuning window than before.

The V2 chassis has larger diff openings for extra flex when using the car on lower grip surfaces and asphalt.  With the addition of our high response  top deck and / or our bulkhead braces, the chassis can be made to flex less as well.

I know many of you ask, are aluminum chassis the wave of the future?  Not necessarily. It is a very valuable tuning tool that lowers the CG of the car at the expense of a little bit of a weight penalty. However aluminum is a better heat at dissipating heat, so it allows your electronics to run cooler, making them more efficient, which in turn makes your car faster. 

We don't believe that aluminum chassis are only helpful on high bite tracks. A lower CG and slightly heavier weight can be very valuable in low to medium bite conditions as well. 

Our Ready-to-Race TC6.2 Prototype comes in at 1385g, which is only 5g heavier than the ROAR and IFMAR minimum. The production version will be slightly lighter.  What we can tell you about the aluminum chassis is that when tuned right, the car is very stable, very predictable and very easy to drive. At our test facility, our lap times were marginally faster than the stock chassis, mainly because it was easier to push the car hard.

*Will not work with stock Battery Holders.
**Please note that this is a discontinued model, so all chassis are made to order.  This implies 2 things:  1.CHASSIS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE and NON RETURNABLE.  If they are defective of workmanship we will issue a replacement.  2.Chassis usually take 3-5 working days to ship, but can take up to 2 weeks.

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