RSD Serpent X20 Bulkhead Brace
RSD Serpent X20 Bulkhead Brace

RSD Serpent X20 2.0 mm Standard Carbon Fiber Bulkhead Brace (1pr)

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These bulkhead braces were developed in order to change the flex characteristics of your Touring Car.  By Bracing the bulkheads at the top deck screws, the flex points of the chassis are moved closer to the center line, which increases high speed stability and control.  Additionally the braces provide more on power traction at whichever end they are being used.  For example, if you want more on power rear traction, install the rear brace.  If you want more on power steering, install the front.  
When using both braces, the car will stay a little bit flatter at high speed, will be easier on tires, the response will increase in tight corners and the car will be easier to drive in sweeping corners.

On the X20, as a bonus the increased rigidity of the bulkheads protects the pulleys and top decks.

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