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Reflex Racing Mini-Z MR-03 Machined Extra Long Upper Arms
Mini-Z MR-03 Extra Long Arms

Reflex Racing Mini-Z MR-03 Machined Extra Long Upper Arms

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These all-new extra long MR-03 A-arms are better in every way than before. They provide much smoother response and less camber gain, which in turn allow the car to be driven much more aggressively.

The longer arms also are much better in high grip conditions, preventing traction rolling issues previously associated with the MR-03 Regular length arms.

In all our testing, these A-Arms have made our lap times quicker, more consistent, and much easier to drive!!!

The arms are 2.7mm longer than standard, so you must run your REFLEX RACING Upper Camber Key ALL THE WAY INSIDE, as if you were running narrow front end. Please note that additional trimming is necessary to the top deck to get the arms ALL THE WAY NARROW to get proper camber angles. Soon, with the release of our LOWER TOWER BAR, the Camber key will be usable again as the new lower mount will be 0.4mm wider than standard, bringing it to match up with the upper arms. You can also use the Atomic Lower tower bars, which are 0.5mm wider with these arms to get more camber range adjust-ability.

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