Atomic MRT Pro - Mini RWD Touring Car Chassis

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Part Number:MRTP-KIT

Package includes:
- MRT chassis kit only
- No electronics, tires or body.

- With the Double wishbone suspension Rear end, this chassis kit creates a lot of rear grip which is ideal on low bite and temporary track conditions.
- Quick Change of Wheelbase: In stock configuration, the MRT can transform from 90mm to 102mm wheelbase on the fly. No parts are necessary to transform.
- With zero offset wheels, the MRT has a 64mm track width. Therefore, it can fit most of autoscale bodies available on the market, including narrow ones. (Wide offset conversion parts will be available as well)
- MRT uses AWD type wheels both in Front and Rear of the car.
- Battery Mount width and position is adjustable, it can fit various kinds of lipo available on the market.

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