Cory Parsons Wins at Mile High Indoor Champs!

Posted by Administrator on 4/20/2015 to Race Events
Cory Parsons Wins at Mile High Indoor Champs!
Congratulations are in store for team driver Cory Parsons  for his win in 17.5 TC and 3rd place in 13.5 TC at The Mile High Indoor Champs. What makes the win more impressive is Cory's start from 5th place in 17.5 and the fact that he was nearly 2 tenths faster on hot lap than EVERYONE else. In 13.5, he started in the back of the pack and made it all the way to 3rd.

In the times where everyone is going aluminum on their cars, Cory opted to go with our new 2.0mm quasi carbon RX4-15 chassis for XRAY T4 in 17.5 and 2.25 in 13.5. Cory's cars were also equipped with RSD  Narrow DCJs for T4 and our High Speed Bearings.

Great job Cory. Thanks for the win.



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