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Fastest Cars at PNWC 2008

PN Racing World Cup 2008 Finals- The Fastest cars at the Worlds...

So you heard the news right? We kicked some serious tail at the PN Racing Mini-Z World Cup in 2008 in all the 2WD classes. Now, since we are so cool and love to share with you how we do it, we bring you the exclusive pictures and set-ups used by our winning car in Vegas. As a bonus we include Cristian's test mules, which were not only fast at the PNWC, but are where revolution usually begins!!!

Above you see Jacob Feinstein's and Cristian Tabush's cars. Pan Car #1 is Cristian's, #2 is PNWC 08 Champ Jacob Feinstein's. In the case of the 350Z's #1 is PNWC 08 Champ Jacob Feinstein's and the #2 car is CT's. Wanna see them without the bodies on? Scroll down my friends...

JACOB'S 2WD Modified RR-02



Admire the craft of building a finely tuned Mini-Z MR-02 my friends! (Or as we like to call it: RR-02!) Jacob's car is a full option Reflex Racing machine. He is using a wide track front, 96mm H-plates and Reflex's body mounting system. The front swaybar is a PN Racing swaybar kit modified to work with the WTF.

Jacob TQ'd the PNWC 2008 by a wide margin and easily won the first 2 mains to secure the 2WD modified crown in domintaing fashion!


JACOB'S Modified Pan Car RR-02

Simplicity was the Key on the Pan Car class. This class has no weight limit so the less parts the better. The set-up was nearly identical with the exception of the front swaybar and springs. The Pan Car was not prone to traction rolling due to it's lower Center of Gracity, so a softer front was in order. At the Jacob did not use a Top sock either.

Jacob easily won the first 2 mains of Pan Car Modified to secure the PNWC 2008 title.

Cristian's 2WD Modified RR-02

Cristian's success on the track has come through set-up refinement and breakthrough ideas that push the envelope of Mini-Z racing to the next level. Above you see the car where most of these ideas come to be, are evaluated and developed on.

Cristian qualified second, but after some bad luck in the mains, finished 7th in 2WD modified at the 2008 PNWC. (Notice the SSG2WD V.2 on the rear end... Not the same as the AWD tire, this tire has the 2 grooves towards the outside to provide improved lateral grip. These tires were developed for medium-high to high grip tracks.)


Cristian's Modified Pan Car RR-02

The idea of a 96mm Pan Car came to Cristian early Saturday morning after he could not get his Pan Car to run right. He had the quickest 2WD Modified Car at the time, so it occurred to him to copy the exact same set-up on his Pan Car since it was waaaaaay off pace. The result? The car that dominated qualifying for Pan Car Modified. The front swaybar was omitted since the car was not traction rolling and the top shock was omitted because it wouldn't fit under the body. Instead Cristian used a 94mm RM triangle mount to prevent the suspension from sagging.

Cristian ran well in the mains, but early mistakes in the first 2 A-mains cost him far too much, allowing Jacob to run away for the wins. In the 3rd main Cristian was well on his way to the only 56 lap run for the weekend until the last corner, when a lapped car collided with him and cost him 2 seconds. Cristian finished 2nd overall.


Lex's 2WD Stock RR-02


Lex's car was powered by pistachios. Hence the picture above. His car was not any different than the previous RR-02's displayed on the page. Once again we find 96mm H-plates, Wide Track Front Suspension system and SSG2WD tires. It is a nice thing to note that Lex used the same set of rear tires for practice, qualifying and the mains.

Lex was awesome in 2WD Stock, but winning was not easy. He has some stiff competition fom Chad Nelson and Reflex team mate Jacob Feinstein. In the end Lex was just too smooth.