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How To: Build Your DCJ's the Right Way

Let's start by gathering the right tools. We are gonna need your DCJ's, some needle nose pliers, some 1/4in heat shrink, some motor spray, a good 1.5mm wrench, a lighter for the heat shrink, some loctite, some drive shaft grease and a towel or napkin.

Now take some motor spray and clean out the DCJ very well. You want to make sure you take off all the oil  it comes in the packaging.

Disassemble the DCJ fully and let it air dry completely.

Once dry, apply some loctite to the threads on the DCJ barrels. Let the parts cure for about 30 minutes.

Do the same with the set-screws. Apply a generous amount of locite and let them air dry and cure for a bit.

Once dry, re-assemble the DCJ and install the set-screws. Here we install the outside screw first. Make sure you wrench is in really good shape, this way you can tighten the screw very hard, without stripping the head.

Now do the other set-screw and once again make sure you tighten it very, very hard.

Up next is the heat shrink. Take the 1/4 in. tubing and stretch it out with your needle pliers so that it fits over the assembled DCJ. Make sure not to tear it.

Next, slide the tubing over the barrel of the DCJ. Notice how the heat shrink is slightly longer than the barrel. This is very important! You will see it in the next step.

Use your lighter and shrink the tubing on the barrel. Notice how the heat shrink overlaps on the edges of the barrel of the DCJ. This helps the heat shrink not come off while rotating. The heat shrink helps keep the pins in the shaft and also acts as a boot to keep grease inside the joint and also to keep dirt and grime out.  Which leads us to the next step.

Now apply some grease to both ends of the DCJ. Work it in with your fingers and rotate the DCJ in your hands to get the grease inside the joint. 

Congrats! You are all done. Now your DCJ's should stay together much better and you should be able to go in between re-builds much longer.