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How To: Build Your V2 DCJ Units

HOW TO: Build your V2 DCJs
Above is an exploded view of a single DCJ Unit. 
For the first step insert the barrels inside the bones and the axle.
After inserting the barrels, install the coupling with the short pin on the narrow side of the barrel and the long pin on the wide side of the barrel.
Next, it is recommended to use a set of pliers to crimp the retaining clips.
On the left, you can see the crimped retaining clips, on the right are the clips before crimping.
Now install the smaller diameter ring on the narrow side of the coupling.  Insert the "L" Shape on the clip inside one of the open drive pin holes and work the clip into the channel.
Now, do the larger diameter clip on the wide side of the barrel.
This is a completed DCJ.  Double check your clips to make sure that they are fully seated in the channels.
Here is another view of the completed DCJ.  It is recommended that you build each DCJ with the retaining clips going in opposite directions.  If this is done, you can install the DCJ so that the leading edge of the clip is going in opposite direction of the rotation of the DCJ when going forward. This helps to keep the clips in place better. 

In other words, the right side DCJ should have the edge of the clip facing backwards and on the left side, the opposite should be the case.