How To: Install a Disk Damper

Installing a Disk Damper System (DPS) is one of the best upgrades you can do to your Mini-Z MR-02 or MR-015. It increses stability at high speeds, helps absorb irregularities on the track and plants the rear end more (amongst many other benefits).

The only problem with this, is that many disk dampers, do not come with directions. Below are simple step by step directions on how to do this.

First we start off by getting all the parts lined up to make sure you have everything. Let's name them just so we can make sure we have everything.

1.Damper Plate

2.Damper Disks

3.Damper Post.

4.Damper Mount

5. Damper Springs

6.Damper Washers

7.Damper Post Mount

The remaining should be a couple of screws and a flat washer.

First start off by installing the damper post on the damper post mount.


Now re-install your damper post mount on the rear motor mount of your car.


Slide the botom disk damper spring over the post.


Slide the first damper disk over the post, on top of the bottom spring.


Now install the damper plate mount over the rear 2 molded platic posts on your chassis.


Next, install the damper plate over the mount, and secure it in place with the provided screws and disk damper washers.


Slide the next damper disk over the post.


Install the top disk damper spring and secure it in place with the machine screw and the flat washer.


Finally, Apply some lube to your damper plate system.

That's it! You are ready to go.

Now here's a few tuning tips to help you dial in your all new disk damper system.

1.Always sand your damper plate and damper disks with 1500-2000 grit sand paper. This will remove imperfections on the surface and provide much smoother supension action on your car.

2.Use different thickness lubes on your disk damper. The higher the grip on the track, the thicker the lube you will want to use. Using too thin of lube in a high grip track will create traction rolling problems. Using too thick in low grip, will creat spin outs. Typically we stock our tool box with anything from 30wt (300) to 200wt (2000).

3.Tune with the springs on the disk damper. We like using a stiffer spring at the top and a softer one on the bottom of our disk damper systems. This will lock down the rear end of your car a bit better and make it handle more neutral.

As a general rule of thumb:

*Stiffer spring at the top = Less entry steering

*Stiffer spring at the bottom = More exit steering



Written by Cristian Tabush