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RSD XRAY Battery Hold Down System
RSD XRAY Battery Hold Down System

RSD Battery Hold Down System for XRAY/ Associated/ Yokomo BD8 V.3

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Part Number:RSD166
This Hold down fits the YOKOMO BD8 That comes with the Plastic Battery Hooks.  It will not work with previous generations that use the aluminum tape holders.

This Battery Hold Down System eliminates the need for tape. It uses 2 post stand-offs with some keyed carbon fiber tabs. The way it is designed, it allows for the chassis to flex more evenly from side to side as the battery is not taped down onto the chassis. As a bonus, it makes battery changes much easier.  This new version has been redesigned to use longer tabs and stronger posts for even better battery hold.

This battery hold down system is compatible with the XRAY Series of cars, but can also be made to fit on other brand cars that use battery hooks to keep the lipo located.

Installation Guide:  Please take note that every battery is a little bit different, so they need a little bit different spacing.  The goal is to have about 0.5mm of space between the battery and the battery tab in order to allow the chassis to flex freely.  The tutorial below uses our older style system, but the concept is the same.

Bonus Tip: Use O-rings to take up the slack in the front/back/side-to-side of the battery. 

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