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R12SS 12th Scale Body
R12SS 12th Scale Body

RSD R12SS 12th Scale Body (0.020 Lexan)

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Part Number:RSD-R12SS
THIS BATCH OF BODIES HAS NO OVERSPRAY FILM. The price has been lowered to compensate for it.  The Lexan shop accidentally pulled both sides of the protective film off.  

After nearly a year of development, it is finally here!  The RSD R12SS 12th Scale body is designed with one thing in mind: PERFORMANCE.  

-Sculpted in house and manufactured 100% in the USA, from USA Materials.
-Developed in House by our top level drivers, the design was modified numerous times in order to achieve the most balanced 12th scale body in the market today.
-Body weighs in at an impressive 32-35g (approximately) which is nearly 5-8g lighter than comparable lightweight bodies in the market.

If we were to describe this body in contrast to others, we'd say that it has a slight bit more high speed stability than an AMR-12 (the body stays flatter) and a little more low speed steering. Another way you could describe it is as a way more stable R8C with a slight bit less aggressive turn in (just a smidge).  We really did a lot of modifications to the body mold in order to find the balance that we wanted, and we believe we were able to achieve a really good result.

The R12SS is not a Stock or Mod Specific Body, we feel it performs well in all conditions and was developed to do so.

As for set-up, when we run this body compared to the AMR, we might run a slightly softer center spring to mellow out rotation and we will give the car a little more front droop to make the front roll a bit more.  
Also, a lot of the time, we have to mount the body about 2mm higher than the AMR F+R, but the body will not be necessarily higher.


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