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RR10 World GT Chassis
RR10 World GT Chassis

RSD RR10 World GT Kit

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Our much awaited RR10 World GT kit is finally here.  This kit was a very special project for us as we really wanted to make something that incorporated the feedback from all of our racing friends and customers alike.  The result is a car that features refinements and features not found in most of the cars available in the market today.

We tried to make a World GT That had more steering and that traction rolled less than what we have tested to date and we also wanted a car that also maintained the versatile nature of our RSD line of cars.

The result is the all new RR10 World GT.  This car is truly a Race Bred World GT that left no stones un-turned when it was being developed and designed.  Numerous versions and revisions were built and tested in order to find the right combination of items that made our car as fast and easy to drive as is possible. 

As with our RR10, this car is fitted with all the go fast, premium goodies that you want.  Xenon front ends, IRS diffs, Team Prime Shocks and an array of RSD Springs and shims are included in the kit so that you can fine tune your car out of the box.  All you need is electronics, servo saver, tires and a body and you should be able to hit the track and get dialed in to the max.

Among some of the cool features of the car are:
-Lowered Battery into the chassis by 1.5mm
-RSD Adjustable wheelbase Slider Pod
-RSD Floating Servo Mount
-Integrated front foam bumper and bumper mount
-Optional link and upper shock positions
-Angled Side Links for smoother Cornering
-Optional Chassis stiffening system to slow down response
-Lightweight and simple design
-Super Narrow chassis
-Shares many parts with RSD RR12
-IRS Rear Diff and Xenon 88T Spur
-Team Prime Shock
-Xenon Hard Front End Kit

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