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RSD RR12T2 12th Scale Racing Car Kit
RSD RR12T2 12th Scale Racing Car Kit


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This listing is for the all new RSD RR12T2.    The T2 is an evolution of the most innovative 12th scale platform available on the market today.  Many have copied the RR12's revolutionary concepts, but once again, RSD and it's team of developers are ready to raise the bar even further.  The all new T2 includes the following updates:

  • New and Improved Aluminum parts
  • Std 7075-T6  Aluminum Chassis Made from Genuine Thyssen Krup materials, 
  • Std Weave Quasi-Isotropic Carbon Fiber parts 
  • AE  Ballcups/ Pivots/ Links
  • Standard sized servo mount 
  • RSD Damper Tubes
  • Xenon Plastic Front End Parts
  • New Motor Mount Compatible with 25-30mm fan (no thicker than 10mm) and adjustable motor height
  • IRS ball differential with Xenon 16 Ball Spur Gear
  • Team Prime Premium 12th Scale Shock
As with out RR12 V2, the T2 comes with our own proprietary double wishbone front end. . We do believe that the double A-Arm, once properly set up is faster than the traditional front ends we are all used to using. All our tests have indicated this so far.  The Double wishbone front suspension makes the car easier to drive, is easier to set up and adjust, all while keeping a weight that is the same or lower as more simple front ends available in the market today.

The Big innovation this time around is the brand new, compact slider motor mount. This mount is lighter and has a much lower CG than the previous version, allows for the adjustment of motor height and also integrates fan mounting positions to keep your motor cooler during races.  We have seen motor temperatures drop between 10-30 degrees Fahrenheit, which translates into a car that fades far less during an 8 minute race, especially in spec racing.  The design was also optimized to make the motor mount have a better balance as well as have a more symmetrical design for more even turning left to right and a car that accelerates straighter than before.    

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