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RSD Universal Spring Chart

So this is borderline unattainable information. Top secret in many circles.  But at Reflex/RSD we'd like to share with you the most accurate and comprehensive spring chart available today. All these springs have been tested on Avid RC's Spring Tester. This machine is no home made contraption, it is a high-dollar precision testing machine and thanks to David at Avid RC we have access to it. 

We tested at least 5 sets of each spring and we averaged out the results found and listed them on this chart.  As always, keep in mind that a rate is a static number, and a spring will vary in its characteristic depending on wire diameter, number of coils, length, diameter, among other things. A spring that has the same rate might not feel the same on the track as another one. However, this chart will prove invaluable when trying to tune your car. Enjoy!