RX4-15 Aluminum Chassis
This chassis is the culmination of 6 months of hard work and testing at our carpet facility.  It was the first aluminum chassis project we cut on our cnc router and also the one we spent the most hours on trying different cut outs, flute size and depth, motor pocket width, and different chassis shape.  

The chassis initially started life with the RX4 V2 chassis shape and as the project carried on, the shape and features evolved to what we present to you today.  The RX4-15 is a labor of love and persistence.  Every effort was made to give you the most balanced, versatile chassis for your T4 that is capable of being run with the stock top deck under most conditions.

The result is something we are really proud of. More steering, traction and easier to drive is the most common feedback we get- and we totally agree.

So what are you waiting on?  Get yours today!


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Date 10/31/2022

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