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RX507 Reflex Racing Atomic MRZ Triple Mount Conversion

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Part Number:RX507
This suspension is inspired by our RX505 Kit for the GLR GT.

Why did we do this?  Well, there was 3 main reasons:
1.The spring set up on the MRZ leaves a lot to be desired.  It is very hard to change springs, the springs are too far out on the car, which make the available rates unusable in high bite conditions.  Our spring set up is easier to use, has a wider tuning window and uses linear cylinder shape springs.  The car steers more, is smoother and overall faster around a track with this set up.
2.The battery cradle on the MRZ is a PITA.  Our simple rubber band set up is much easier to use, and it effectively lowers the Center of Gravity on the MRZ.  This translates into better performance with less traction rolling and more corner speed.
3.Lighter weight.  The new parts shed some of the weight on the MRZ.  it's not a massive diffeence, but everything helps on a pretty heavy kit out of the box.

As an added benefit, the rear cradle is designed to be able to be used with GL Side Links for quicker steering response and also allows the option of running the standard or long length dampers.

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