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RX516V2 Reflex Racing Titanium Reverse Thread Adjustable Front Axles

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Part Number:RX516V2
This is the V2 of our reverse axles.  Now made from Titamium for more durability.  The V2 axles allow you to adjust your font offset 1mm of trackwidth in increments of 0.5mm though the included M3x0.5mm Axle Shims. 

Reverse thread axles compatible with your Reflex Racing RX28 and GL/Atomic cars. By reversing the thread and using a screw instead of a nut, the front end of your car is less likely to snag into the RCP rails when running lower offset wheels.   The kit comes with 2 Axles, 4pcs of M3x0.5 Copper Shims and 2pcs of M2x4mm button head screws.

Tip:  Depending on the type of wheel you use, sometimes, the axles can have a little bit of axial side to side play (minimal).  You can tighten this up by lightly sanding the outer axle to make is slightly narrower.  

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