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RX535 Reflex Racing Spring-Tuned Mass Damper Set

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Part Number:RX535
The Reflex Racing Mass Damper Set is designed to smooth out your 1/28 scale car by reducing the amplitude of vibration on the front end caused by the uneven nature of RCP Tracks.  The mass damper is mounted on the ballast weight hole on any Reflex Racing Carbon Bumper or on the body clip posts of your RX512 Jomurema bumper.  The result is a car that is smoother to drive and more controllable at high speed and through bumpy sections.  Adjust the Damper by using a different combination of weights and springs.

The set includes:
-2x 0.9g Tungsten Weights
-1x 8mm aluminum post
-2x M2x3 CS Screws. (use M2x3 CS Screw on top of the mass damper top spring when installing 1 weight).
-1x M2x6 BH Screw (use M2x6 BH Screw plus M2 gold washer on top of top spring when installing 2 weights).
-1x M2 Gold Washer
-2x Black MD Spring (Soft)
-2x Silver MD Spring (Medium)

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