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RX1159 MR-03 Adjustable Upper Arm Mount
RX1159 MR-03 Adjustable Upper Arm Mount

Reflex Racing MR-03 Adjustable Upper Suspension Mount without Camber Key

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Adjustable Upper Arm Mount Color
The Upper Suspension Arm Mount will allow you to use:

-2 or 4 degrees of caster depending on the orientation of the base plate.
-Adjust 0,1,2 and 3 degrees of Camber with the Included Camber Adjustment Key In either W or N Setting. (Optional 0.5,1.5,2.0and 2.5 deg Key will be offered shortly after the product is released)
-By Raising the base plate with M2 Washers, you will be able to raise the roll center of the car in order to increase and fine tune the roll stiffness of your front end in order to better suit track conditions.
-Due to tighter tolerances on this part, if you want to use our Upper Arm Pins, you will need to polish them a bit. The Upper Arm Pins were designed for the stock parts on the car (plastic) and they were made a little over-sized in an effort to remove some slop.

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